[Piracy/No support] game crash after installing Promods

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If you report a game crash ALWAYS post your game.log.txt in between CODE tags, or if it too large post it on pastebin.com and share the link.
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27 Mar 2020 00:30

Hi all, I'm new to this community. I just donwnloaded ProMods for ets2, started a new profile, loaded mods, and the game keeps crashing. i noticed that i can finish the first transport and when i start the second, after a few minutes the screen freezes and after the game closes to desktop. This happened with 3 new profiles i've created. i have no other mods installed so i dont think there is some collision between mods. the game version is and i have all DLCs installed. Mod version is 2.43. here is my game log, hope someone can help me!

Also, the coordinates near the crash (copied from bugs file)

crash ;[27/03/2020 00:15] (sec-0021-0026);-82864.1;13.2963;-103574;-0.190149;-0.145875

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