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08 Dec 2019 06:49

do you mean that you want for E80/O-3 moved to the area that is now occupied by E5/D100?
Either deleting the areas south of E80/O-3. Or moving whole roadnetwotk, including E5/D100 farther south?
Neither. Rather, a complex in-place reterraining in the European half of Istanbul:
Delete the stretch of D-100 between TÜYAP and Esenyurt; repurpose the current pathing of O-3 east of Kınalı as O-7 (Istanbul Airport would be placed into where Mall of Istanbul currently is), leading to Selim the Grim Bridge; build a stretch of D-100 between Kuyumcukent and Avcılar, including Ambarlı Port access; move the Mall of Istanbul to the its new location, with full interchange, with İkitelli Industrial Zone behind; move bits of Çatalca into south of O-7 as IRL, build the coastal highway between Küçükçekmece and Kumkapı, including the Eurasia Tunnel.
In addition, you will need to completely remake the road to Tekirdağ, as it currently occupies where Alexandropolis is in ProMods. An access from the north via D-565, rather than from the west via D-110, would be more appropriate.

Shiva wrote:that is from the road, to the tunnel roof? excluding the equipment inbetween.
Yes, from the road to the tunnel roof.
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31 Dec 2019 03:43

That is why I say that it will not be combatible with semi trailers and trucks.
The height is not enough.
Youtube video of a Semi Truck in Monaco 2011. Route driven. Traffic map. Possible modern ETS2 routes 1 and 2 and their combinations.
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01 Jan 2020 08:07

That tunnel in game will be useful with rigids and older low cab tractors (hauling single-deck livestock, car transporters or bicons) anyway.
EDITED to include car transporters, the most important low height long haul load.
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01 Jan 2020 10:36

Dear people;

I know you want to see your favorite neightbourhood, your favorite avenue, your favorite street, your favorite corner grocery shop, your favorite barber shop in alley, your house, house near yours or even your family's village which is 200 km away from any major road. But unfortunalety on ETS2 game scale is 1:19 so not everything can be added. There are many major issues on that such as performance, game engine capabilities and GPS issues.

@erkinalp last thing Promods would consider to add to the game is a tunnel that was designed for JUST cars and low height pick-up trucks and minivans. ETS2 is a trucking game which uses actual trucks.

If community still want to see tunnel in game, they can work on map editor with Promods enabled. There are many tutorials for that.

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01 Jan 2020 11:27

erkinalp wrote:
06 Dec 2019 18:58
SCS Istanbul is so detailed that it did not fit the landmass
what do you mean by "it did not fit in the land mass"?
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01 Jan 2020 12:10

cars and low height pick-up trucks and minivans
Car transporters, low loaders (think of bicons used in NATO's horizontal orientation, single-deck livestock carriage, distribution trucks), and city buses do fit the tunnel and will be able to use it once it is handed back to metropolitan road authority once tendering period ends.

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