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08 Dec 2019 12:58

Hi i bought Promod 2,42 but the ets2 simulator says that its not compatible? i have the 1,36 verision. Are you gonna fix this soon?

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08 Dec 2019 13:38

You have to go back to 1.35 or wait for PM 2.43.
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08 Dec 2019 14:38

when it's ready

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08 Dec 2019 20:22

why is the online version of pro mods offline

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08 Dec 2019 23:33

Because TMP supports 1.36 only but we don't yet
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09 Dec 2019 15:46

First I would like to thank you for the work that the whole Promods team has done up to version 1.35 and are doing, may God bless your life!
I am looking forward to the release of the new version and would like to know if there is any prediction for its release.

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09 Dec 2019 16:40

It will be published at a random time after now

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09 Dec 2019 18:30


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11 Dec 2019 13:57

Hi - just recognized that 2.43 is out now! Thanks! Keep on with your great work

Any idea already, if this will be a TruckersMP compatible map, or maybe another update is to follow?

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11 Dec 2019 14:38

2.43 Working awesome!!!! No need for superzoom fix. Rusmap, and/or Southern Region needs an update and is a no go so far CTD, but who's complaining, not me... :) Paris rebuild working fine with 2.43, Naturalux as well, Thanks for such a speedy update!!! You guys rock!!! Map is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Day!!!

EDIT: RusMap working fine, Southern Region a no go. Today just keeps getting better and better
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