Svalbard vehicle registration plate

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01 Sep 2019 14:02

So I bought a garage in Svalbard and started driving around, then I saw cars with very dark registration plates, I couldn't even read them until I flashed my lights towards one of the cars, the plate seemed sort of dark grey.

The thing is that last time I went into Svalbard in ProMods 2.40 the plates were yellow on black, and they were much easier to see.

Why did they change and is it possible to revert it back to the previous plate in the next version?

I have a screenshot of the plate below:

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01 Sep 2019 15:11

@Audi1merc2, yes this issue was noticed very soon after 2.41 was released. There is a bug which prevents the yellow coloring of the license plate text. It was reported in the German section here: [#20537] Kontrollschilder in Spitzbergen ( Svalbard) kaum sichtbar. The problem has already been fixed in WIP so it will be correct in the next ProMods release. Thank you for your report.

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