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04 Aug 2019 20:45

Hello community,

I figured since the section is named "Questions & Feedback", then I can freely post my feedback for promods here:
Now, I've paid the ridiculously low total of... Was it 1,50$? Someting like that. -- For promods + the middle east addon. Futhermore, I've decided to go all in on content, so I went on and installed rusmap and the southern(rus) map on top of everything as well.

The result? Astonishing. I don't think I've ever paid so little, yet for so much. This might unironically be the best 1$ purchase that I have ever made. Promods and all that comes with it is absolutely spectacular. I was genuinely shocked to find out how much content has been added to my game the first time I opened the map menu.

Quantity isn't everything as we all know though. So let's talk about quality. Even more shockingly, the quality is just as great, if not even better. The transition between original ETS2 (+DLCS) map content into promods one has been absolutely seamless, you can't tell that this is "just a mod". When it comes to attention to detail however, Promods easily beats ETS2's original content. Just the little things when you visit the cities, go by the gas stations and what-not. The extra pedestrians there and there, the populated parking lots. Oh, and my favourite parts? The pot holes, the snow storms of Iceland, the dirt roads and etc (you get the idea)... Amazing!

It was just one (or was it two?) nights ago that I've gotten all of this, so I have, obviously, barely scratched the surface of promods and all it has to offer, and I can't wait to explore more, and more and more.

That being said, I guess you can consider this a first impression. The first impression of one very happy and satisfied user.
For all of you working on Promods (and ya'll working on the other maps that are compatible with it, and just as great) -- Thank you.
Thank you for making a great game even greater. Thank you for providing me with relaxing, yet entertaining and joyful experience for thousands of hours.

Phenomenal job.

PS: Here are some nice (imo) screenshots from the very beginning of my Promods journey!

By the Bulgarian border at Ruse

Somewhere about 200 kilometers south of Murmansk

Somewhere in Iceland
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04 Aug 2019 21:07

Thank you very much for your kind reply. This is the feeling we want to accomplish with our mod.
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05 Aug 2019 09:50

nice that you love the map, great pics btw !

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