[Q&A] Load order of recommended compatible maps (1.31)

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WARNING! This is not a guarantee for bugfree gameplay! If you encounter any problems, please check again on a clear profile with only ProMods enabled. If the problem still persists, please file a report in the Troubleshooting & Support section. Otherwise please find out which mod is responsible for your problem and contact the creator(s) of said mod.

There are a few maps compatible with ProMods. Those which we are aware of (and actually make sense to be combined in terms of quality and main goal) are listed and linked below and should work together well in the given load order. If you experience any errors, please try again on a clean profile with only ProMods and those maps enabled. In case you have a shifted world map it usually helps to put the ProMods def file (occ. with RusMap checked) at highest priority. If your problem persists, please open a new topic in Troubleshooting and Support/Gameplay issues and describe your problem including your game.log.txt. There are a few maps that we do not support and the discussion and support of which we forbid on our forums due to piracy and mod theft. You will find some examples of those below as well. If we have forgotten a map, please give us a note in the corresponding Discussion thread.

RusMap 1.8
Southern Region Map 7.2.0
The Great Steppe 1.03
Scandinavia Mod add-on 0.4
Paris rebuild 2.3
ProMods Addon - Emden 1.02b

To find out which ProMods version to use please see the Compatibility tab at the top.

Load order in the modmanager:
  • (occ. other mods)
  • ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack 1.05
  • ProMods Trailer and Company Pack 1.17 Def Trailers Standalone OR Replacement
  • ProMods TCP 1.17 Def Companies
  • ProMods TCP 1.17 Trailers 1
  • ProMods TCP 1.17 Trailers 2
  • ProMods TCP 1.17 Companies
  • ProMods Def file 2.27 (with RusMap checked)
  • ProMods-RusMap-connection
  • RusMap 1.8-Map
  • RusMap 1.8-Models 1
  • RusMap 1.8-Models 2
  • RusMap 1.8-Def
  • Scandinavia Mod-Def
  • Scandinavia Mod-Map
  • Paris rebuild 2.3
  • PM Emden 1.02b
  • Southern Region Map 7.0 Ferry connection to Constanta
  • ProMods 2.27 -Map
  • ProMods 2.27 -Models 1
  • ProMods 2.27 -Models 2
  • ProMods 2.27 -Models 3
  • ProMods 2.27 -Media
  • ProMods 2.27 -Assets
  • Southern Region Map 7.0-English or Polish Translation
  • Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Def&Map
  • Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Model3
  • Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Model2
  • Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Model1
  • The Great Steppe 1.03-Model
  • The Great Steppe 1.03-Map
  • The Great Steppe 1.03-Def (from the fix)
Maps of which we forbid any support:
  • Union Map
  • South Korea Adventure Map
  • North Africa Map
  • Mario Map
  • Mega Mod
  • etc.
It is recommended not to use a mod that removes dead end barriers.

How to activate the RusMap Zoom Fix in the def file of an older ProMods version:
  • Download the defs for the newest ProMods version and for the version you need.
  • Open both defs with WinRAR or 7zip.
  • Open in both the folder def and then map_data.sii with Windows Notepad or Notepad++.
  • Copy the lines about zoom_uplift and camera_limits from the new def to the old one. Here you can change the colours for the world map and GPS as well.
  • Save, let the archive repack and on you go.
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