[#16871-16872] [2.31] Rotterdam, NL: AI causing accidents and traffic jams

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09 Nov 2018 18:56

There are three issues relating to Rotterdam which I have found:

1) AI merging at traffic lights, causing accidents, and traffic jams as a result.
2) (a) Trucks entering residential area crash into AI behind while trying to make a U-turn.
(b) At the junction for the residential area, vehicles trying to enter and exit the residential zone accelerate quickly and cause accidents.

1) AI merging at traffic lights
Because of the left-turn lane being blocked (there is no road on the left), the AI have to merge into the other lane. They accelerate quickly if the traffic lights go green and crash into vehicles at the traffic light or those trying to push through in the right-turn lane (much like real life). They also crash into cars waiting at the traffic lights when they're red. When they crash, they often spend a long time trying to leave, or sometimes just sit there.

Code: Select all

4 cars have crashed in this one spot, because of the merging lanes

2) Area near residential zone
(a) Trucks that enter the residential zone crash into other AI (only if they're behind it) while trying to make a U-turn to exit it. This can happen multiple times, as the AI reverses then drives forward multiple times until the truck leaves. Which leads to...

Code: Select all

Making the U-turn

Crashing into car while trying to make the U-turn

(b) If the truck (or car) leaves, they (sometimes) accelerate and crash into cars who are in the traffic jam (from problem 1). The same can be said for AI trying to enter the residential zone. This is quite difficult to replicate, as "problem 1" must have occurred beforehand (which is why there is no image below).

Code: Select all

Game.log unable to be reproduced as it displays game.log for a different profile. The bugs above were found yesterday.
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09 Nov 2018 19:27

#16871, #16872

Thanks for your report.
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