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31 Dec 2017 21:30

I only downloaded parts 1 and 2, but the 2 downloaded correctly and the part 1 shows me this message.

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31 Dec 2017 21:46

You need to download all 7 parts. It is a multi-part 7zip archive, you cannot open/extract the archive using less than all 7 files.

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02 Jan 2018 16:46

ok, i will try this.

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02 Jan 2018 18:56

finally works, thx for the help!!

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04 Jan 2018 03:11

When I try and use the opener I get a major issue

It says I cant open the rar file because its an archive, any solutions. Btw im using 7zip

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04 Jan 2018 06:30

Can you describe your issue a bit better?

Do you have all the parts (.001 till .007) in the same folder?

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03 Feb 2018 18:56

Hello guys, can you upload the part 1 of the promod 2.25 and give me the link to download(not broken file xd) because, I have all the thime a problem with part 1. I can't extract part 1 while i Have al the part from 002 to 007. And I have installed today the latest version of Winrar and 7zip. I think the part 1 of the promod 2.25 is broken.
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08 Feb 2018 20:58

Is the file name correct, does it contain a (1), or any other number between brackets, in the file name? If so remove it and try again.
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08 Feb 2018 21:28

If the files are not in sequence (or not in the same place) then the first file cannot be extracted
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09 Feb 2018 20:18

MajkelPLL wrote:
01 Jan 2016 14:59
I have a problem when extracting files. I use 7zip. When unpacking the file is written: "Can not open file as an archive"
I have the same problem.

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