Development on version 2.x (Iberian Peninsula Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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17 Mar 2015 23:20

Excellent! Congratulations on developer status and I'm really looking forward to Spain and Portugal!

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17 Mar 2015 23:22

i u need something ask me, i'm spanish u know ;)

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17 Mar 2015 23:58

Wow, fantastic news! This is the most exciting ProMods project ever in my opinion :D

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18 Mar 2015 00:27

Good news, hope that ProMods does a good work as usual. Still, have you made a more detailed plan than the one you showed in the old thread?

I know concept maps are just cheap talk, but still I think it may deserve just a quick look the idea I made some months ago: Just a fact: ARP will make that 357,050 km2-big Germany has 33 cities. Spain is 505,000 km2 and the plan includes 38 cities.

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18 Mar 2015 00:54

Germany area: 357,050. Population: 80,716,000
Spain area: 505,000. Population: 46,704,314

Spain is 41% bigger but it has almost a half of Germany population.

Germany population density: 226
Spain population density: 92

For spain, i think 17-20 companied cities is the right quantity.

(That's just how I think)

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18 Mar 2015 01:20

France: 63,601,002 inhabitants in 547,030 km2 - 111 every km2 -> 35 cities + many scenery
Denmark: 5,368,854 inhabitants in 43,094 km2 - 125 every km2 -> 14 cities

It's not about population but about making a map that looks alive. Look at Iceland (320,060 in 103,001 km2 ->11 cities)

In Spain, we have 28 metropolitan areas over 200,000 inhabitants, 38 over 150,000 and 53 over 100,000. Still, I think that a distance of 100 km between cities is acceptable. The only thing that I look for is for Spain looking as good as every other country.

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18 Mar 2015 02:02

Those are not 11 cities in Iceland lol. There are only two 'real' cities: Reykjavik and Akureyri. Both Keflavik and Reyðarfjörður have garages as well but are a lot smaller. The rest are scenery.

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18 Mar 2015 05:24

Good luck mate!
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18 Mar 2015 09:37

That's great news! I'm from Barcelona and it looks really, really good so far! I don't know if you've already considered it, but Montcada and its cement factory are landmarks truckers can recognize when approaching Barcelona from the C-33. It would really add a feel to it.
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18 Mar 2015 10:42

Might consider it :)

The old topic has been locked, thanks to Volleybal4life :mrgreen:
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