Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

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14 Aug 2019 01:38

All I can say is AWESOME. Thanks mate keep up the great work.

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14 Aug 2019 15:39

afganas5 wrote:
13 Aug 2019 20:34
Hello, have a problem here:

When I upload ME 2 files, put them on the right order of priority, all works but the map view just becomes outframed (for example Lithuania is in Russia's position, Sweden is in Lithuania's position and so on). What can be the problem?

EDIT: Problem solved !! :) Only needed a superzoom adaptable for Promods AND ME add-on (the link in this forum exists)
Which mods did you use?

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dan0161 wrote:
12 Aug 2019 02:19

Great work as always, I have added it to my game, however when I look at the map the roads on cyprus look like a cardiogram, I have attached a screenshot. Any idea why?


try this Configuration
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14 Aug 2019 18:13

vulchor wrote:
13 Aug 2019 11:34
permo133 wrote:
12 Aug 2019 14:23
Hey guys. A quick question, with ME ,i i cant see the changes i made in roadcolors in the def file. Without ME ,all roadcolors are what i changed them to.
Hope it make sense.
That's because the changes you made to the road colors were in the map_data.sii file, and this map has to use its own map_data.sii file. So what you need to do is open up both map_data.sii files from each, the Promods def and the ME def folders, and copy and paste the first section of tags (from road_color to world_road_discovered_color) from the Promods file into the ME file, then save your changes into the ME def archive.
Thanks Vulcor, i will try that

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17 Aug 2019 16:11

Is there a roadconnection to Afromap 2.0?
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17 Aug 2019 16:31

It’s a large distance between Port Saïd and Médenine, you have to build all the costal roads of Egypt and Lybia, and besides, Afromap is a dead mod, the link has been taken down
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17 Aug 2019 16:37

Okay I understand. Since one can only hope that it will be built in the future, a new afrika map.
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