[On hold] Development on version 2.x (Romania Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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29 Mar 2016 19:44

Two main Bulgaria-Turkey bordergates for trucks Kapıkule-Kaptan Andrevo and Hamzabeyli-Lesovo.I hope you add both of them in map.Keep up guys.

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01 Apr 2016 15:47

Awesome job Ivan! A distinct look you created..

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02 Apr 2016 10:04

Volleybal4life wrote:Would be boring to only see the E87 in Bulgaria to go to Turkey. I rather see the whole Balkan before even thinking of Turkey. Very nice work though!

Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and the others! :D

I would love to see more Romania too :)
While I really want to see Turkey as a person from Turkey, I agree that addition of Turkey before Balkans would be a bit strange.

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02 Apr 2016 13:23

Just alt-tabbed from the game to say, Moldova is 11/10 superb!!! creation, those bumpy roads its all there. awesome job keep it up.!!

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03 Apr 2016 00:46

Glad you enjoy it, mate! ;) The feedback that you get when driving on bad asphalt is ScuL's work.
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04 Apr 2016 19:42

on the link below, we see that the road Arad Oradea is located and built on Romanian territory, the game go from Oradea to Arad, but the Hungarian territory. I wonder why I can not change the contour Romanian ?!
Excuse me for this little reproach

https://www.google.es/maps/dir/Oradea,+ ... 46.1865606


I know and am convinced that route in the game, are built to a certain scale, but are confident that the game can change the contour map :) :) :)


It looks ugly when a route to a particular country, browse through another foreign country!
as Romanian route from Arad to Oradea in game sees browse through Hungary
:cry: :cry: :cry:
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04 Apr 2016 19:54


Yes, we know that a road between Arad and Oradea goes a bit through Hungary according to the 'Map View', but that is not true, because the UI Map is not aligned correctly which makes weird stuff like that, for e.g. - Some roads in Estonia are on the water according to the UI Map.

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04 Apr 2016 19:56

I'm sure you can change the contour of the game map, the roads each be in their country, or be on the ground but not on the water, as put in the game map through many parts of Europe, I know that can change the contours of the countries


Then I guess you need to modify the map interface in the game, I know that you can change the contour map!

:roll: :roll:
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04 Apr 2016 20:01

Although it's technically possible, it's a very tedious process. Combining with all the scale issues we have, deviations will always remain and therefore I see little use into putting so much effort into something that does so little (and for functionality's sake, it actually does nothing).
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04 Apr 2016 20:03

I do not see where I have spelled double post, sorry

:cry: :cry: :cry:


I have no words, the map works very well and is very beautiful, but only those small errors contour, nothing more ...
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