[On hold] Development on version 2.x (Romania Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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28 Mar 2016 01:46

Hi guys, for taking a break from Spain and change a bit the landscape, i dediced to make the E87 to Bulgaria, as addition to DeusHorizon rebuild of Constanța, that we decided to add to the map. Maybe then we can go to Turkey :mrgreen: . For the moment just this road, because my main focus is Spain, this is just for doing something different. Maybe we can create a Bulgaria topic in the future, but we dont know ;) . For the moment im leaving two screenshots for you, still WIP (some detailing missing):
Another from the E675

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28 Mar 2016 02:04

awesooooome news, turkey with your mapping skills :roll: :roll: :roll:
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28 Mar 2016 07:36

That's sweet! Good luck doing E87!
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28 Mar 2016 08:24

Looks very nice :) Good job!
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28 Mar 2016 10:46

Good luck, mate! It's nice of you working on this area, only keep me in touch with the things you want to map around, to help me avoid overwritting your work ;)

Btw, Spain really needs a release soon.
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28 Mar 2016 11:05

MIRFI wrote:Good luck, mate! It's nice of you working on this area, only keep me in touch with the things you want to map around, to help me avoid overwritting your work ;)

Btw, Spain really needs a release soon.

As Ivan stated, I am also the one who done the job in the eastern Romania. The best thing you can do to avoid issues with overwriting is to not touch Northern Bulgaria and Constanta sectors, because some of us works there. :lol:
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28 Mar 2016 12:16

Great sceneries! :)
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28 Mar 2016 13:42

It's always nice to see different mapping approach in one country ;) It will come out interesting for sure.
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28 Mar 2016 15:09

Would be boring to only see the E87 in Bulgaria to go to Turkey. I rather see the whole Balkan before even thinking of Turkey. Very nice work though!

Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and the others! :D

I would love to see more Romania too :)
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28 Mar 2016 15:58

Very nice work Ivan, good luck.
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