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28 Nov 2019 17:03

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ScuL wrote:
28 Nov 2019 11:34
Well this is controversial in Ireland, but the global definition of the islands containing the UK and Ireland is "The British Isles". The matter is fully explained on Wikipedia and many other resources also.

The British Isles are a group of islands in the North Atlantic off the north-western coast of continental Europe that consist of the islands of Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides and over six thousand smaller isles. They have a total area of about 315,159 km² and a combined population of almost 72 million, and include two sovereign states, the Republic of Ireland (which covers roughly five-sixths of Ireland), and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The islands of Alderney, Jersey, Guernsey, and Sark, and their neighbouring smaller islands, are sometimes also taken to be part of the British Isles, even though, as islands off the coast of France, they do not form part of the archipelago.
The term "British Isles" is controversial in Ireland, where there are nationalist objections to its usage. The Government of Ireland does not officially recognise the term, and its embassy in London discourages its use. Britain and Ireland is used as an alternative description, and Atlantic Archipelago has also seen limited use in academia
You do know that this is not an accurate picture of the UK, there should be a line just above London then everything above that line labelled 'The North'
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28 Nov 2019 19:25

I like the progress in England and Scotland

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28 Nov 2019 21:34

ScuL wrote:
28 Nov 2019 11:34
Well this is controversial in Ireland, but the global definition of the islands containing the UK and Ireland is "The British Isles".
I understand, hence the name of this development topic (which, like other topics, is named based on the geographical area) , but in my opinion (which is biased for obvious reasons), the term is mostly outdated (politically and geographically) and nearly obsolete at this stage (I haven't heard or seen the term used in quite a while, in the UK or Ireland). However, I don't really mind whether a new topic is made or not, I just hope that it doesn't get political here as it does in certain topics.
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30 Nov 2019 12:48

i think in the modern age that we live in the only differention i can see in my day to day life (i work at an airport) is the "domestic" flights (Mainland GB and Northern Ireland) go through one arrivals door
and the "CTA" flights (Common travel area: Republic of Ireland, Channel islands and the Isle of Man) go to a different door
thats literally the only time i am reminded that Ireland as one island is two countries

anyway away from the politics of geography keep up the good work, i am looking forward to drive the next UK update when it's released.
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30 Nov 2019 20:24

I think that closing Iberia topic was enough so lets go back to the topic. Developers, keep up the amazing work in the united or divided islands, it doesn't matter.
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02 Dec 2019 00:14

the next update you do though please get rid of the 50mph limit and speed Camera on the Severn Second Crossing as its now a 70mph limit in real life now.
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08 Dec 2019 17:04

FEATURE REQUEST: could we have one of the mid-Wales towns included?

We have two roads running up mid-wales in Promods, and not a town up the middle of either - any town between Welshpool (mid-north) and Brecon (mid-south).

Many thanks!
p.s. your work is amazing and greatly appreciated! :D :D

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09 Dec 2019 21:41

Is anybody working on Newcastle? The bypass could be nice, with the ferry rebuild.
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