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by EdgeGladiator
18 Jun 2019 12:31
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello from Poland ;)
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Re: Hello from Poland ;)

Hi Patrick and welcome !
by EdgeGladiator
18 Jun 2019 12:25
Forum: Français
Topic: Bonjour
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Re: Bonjour

je me suis abonné à votre chaine, merci pour votre soutient ;)
by EdgeGladiator
17 Jun 2019 19:58
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [WIP] Middle-East add-on
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Re: [WIP] Middle-East add-on

StephenHunterUK wrote:
16 Jun 2019 12:59
Fredrikson05 wrote:
16 Jun 2019 11:12
Good Job! This is so good it should be a part of Promods and not just a addon!
No because this area is politically sensitive, remember that Israel is present
by EdgeGladiator
17 Jun 2019 19:51
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [WIP] Road to Aral - A Great Steppe Addon
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Re: [WIP] Road to Aral - A Great Steppe Addon

It will be better if you use new alphalts roads insteaf of old, and maybe add more things in the town that you show. Anyway nice work ;)
by EdgeGladiator
13 Jun 2019 18:21
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [Unofficial] RusMap 1.9.0 for 1.35 (by Sergey061)
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Re: [Unofficial] RusMap 1.9.0 for 1.35 (by Sergey061)

bengt.jensie wrote:
13 Jun 2019 12:09

Does Promods run on v1.35 yet? No, but this map is for v1.35, so if you can
just wait a bit, there will be a Promods version for 1.35 and also a new road
connection mod included in this pack! :D
This fix map work fine with ProMods beta on 1.35 (which isn't public)
by EdgeGladiator
11 Jun 2019 19:55
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Frankfurt am main...
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Re: Frankfurt am main...

ProMods Frankfurt is better than the original ETS2 Frankfurt.
by EdgeGladiator
09 Jun 2019 09:31
Forum: Français
Topic: game crashed 1.35
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Re: game crashed 1.35

ok j'attendrais votre réponse